Kim Mickle Injured in Inaugural AFLW Season

Two-time Olympic athlete Kim Mickle will miss the remainder of the inaugural AFLW season with Fremantle Dockers because of a knee injury. Mickle, a world...

Round 1: Nitro Athletics Men’s 1 Mile Elimination

Australian Matthew Ramsden, who was running for the Bolt All-Stars, has taken out the victory in the Men's 1 Mile Elimination. It came down...

Nitro Final: Usain Bolt Runs Individual 150m

Usain Bolt took a comfortable victory at the Final of the Nitro Athletics Melbourne series on the 11th February 2017.

Mitchell, Stevens, Rubie and Mathews Take Out Medley Relay

Morgan Mitchell, Luke Stevens, Annaliese Rubie and Luke Mathews have taken out the mixed Medley Relay at the Nitro Athletics Final. The Australian team...

Sebastian Coe and Isis Holt Arrive with the Nitro Athletics World Cup

Lord Sebastian Coe has arrived at Lakeside Stadium for the Nitro Athletics Final with Australian Paralympian Isis Holt. They arrived in style with the...

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