Athletics Exclusive spoke to NSW runner Kate Spencer after her victory in the Ondieki U-20 3000m Championship. Here’s what she had to say,


Athletics Exclusive – Kate, congratulations on your victory, you had the fastest PB in the field and you led from start to finish. Was that your plan to take it out strongly and issue a challenge to anyone else to take you on if they could?

Kate Spencer – It wasn’t necessarily to lead all the way but I did want to be somewhere close to the front and stay there, then wind it up with 3 laps to go.


Athletics Exclusive – You certainly did that, I timed your last km split at 2:59. You’re from Sydney, can you tell us Victorians a bit more about yourself?

Kate Spencer – I’ve recently changed coaches this year and I’m now coached by Ken Green and we’ve been working on my aerobic fitness more this year. The club I run for is Ryde which is based about 20 mins away from Sydney’s CBD.


Athletics Exclusive – You do have a national title under your belt in cross country I believe?

Kate Spencer – Yes I won the U-20 national cross country this year in Launceston and I’ve won national titles before in the 3k and 5K in my age group.


Athletics Exclusive – Was this race a goal race that you set for yourself for this year?

Kate Spencer – I’m part of the Athletics Australia U-19 squad. It’s my second year in it and we were bought down as part of that to compete at Zatopek, but I would have come down and raced it even if it wasn’t part of the squad program.


Athletics Exclusive – You’re qualified for World Juniors in Oregon next year in the 3000m; will you be attempting to qualify in any other disciplines?

Kate Spencer – I’ve got 2 qualifiers for the 3000m now but I also feel that I am a chance in the Steeplechase for Commonwealth Games (Kate’s PB is 10:23)


Athletics Exclusive – And what are your plans for the rest of the summer season?

Kate Spencer – I will focus on the flat races and try for a qualifier in the World Juniors 5km too.


Athletics Exclusive – Kate, thank you so much for your time, well done tonight and good luck in the future.