Ashleigh Whittaker is an up and coming Australian sprinter who has achieved great success as a junior and is now looking to do the same as a senior athlete. Ashleigh has agreed to answer some questions for us.

Lachlan – How did you get involved in athletics?

Ashleigh – I got involved in athletics when i was 8 years old through house athletics in primary school, I really enjoyed it and joined a little athletics club. When I started making it to the state level in long jump and sprinting I wanted to take it more seriously so I got myself a coach and have been with my coach since.


Lachlan – What does a weekly program look like for you?





Endurance / Lactic session

Wednesday Gym

Speed Session


Rest or Pilates

Saturday Comp or Pilates

Ramps or Towing
Block starts
200 session



Lachlan – What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start to dedicate more time to athletics?

Ashleigh – I think it is really important to be patient and don’t try to increase your training load too much too soon. I think it’s also important to keep a balance in your life whether it be study/work/social life.


Lachlan – You broke the 100m record at the 2008 Pacific School Games with a time of 11:83. Looking back, did this achievement change your outlook on athletics?

Ashleigh – This achievement definitely changed my outlook on athletics. It was my first national medal and being a world youth qualifier i realized I had the potential to make it onto an Australian youth/junior team and i began to dedicate more time to athletics.


Lachlan – As you have gotten older, have you had to change how you go about training? For example, have you found that you’re needing to focus a larger amount of time on recovery?

Ashleigh – As I’ve increased my training load/hours I’ve also had to dedicate more time to recovery, i also get physio/massage at least once a week to keep on top of things.


Lachlan – What goals do you have for the coming Track and Field season?

Ashleigh – My goal is to run a personal best this season and make the commonwealth games team