Ned Weatherly has claimed first place in the men’s Shot Put this morning after a furthest throw of 18.90m. Mitchell Pepper came in second with a largest throw of 17.30m and Conor McLoughlin came in third.

Full results are below.

  1 Ned Weatherly             98 VIC                     18.90m    8   
      17.80m  18.33m  18.90m  18.63m                                   
  2 Mitchell Pepper           98 NSW                     17.30m    7   
      16.16m  15.82m  16.17m  17.30m                                   
  3 Conor McLoughlin          99 QLD                     16.80m    6   
      15.89m  15.63m  16.80m  ND                                       
  4 Aiden Harvey              99 NSW                     16.27m        
      152.41m  16.26m  15.72m                                          
  5 Angus White               98 ACT                     16.08m    5   
      16.08m  15.79m  14.94m  ND                                       
  6 Chance McKenna            98 QLD                     15.62m        
      15.62m  15.58m  15.03m  15.08m                                   
  7 Timothy Ford              98 QLD                     15.45m        
      14.85m  15.05m  15.45m  15.31m                                   
  8 James Joycey              99 VIC                     15.14m        
      ND  ND  15.14m  ND                                               
  9 Matt Hosie                98 TAS                     14.49m    4   
      14.49m  ND  ND                                                   
 10 Liam Gartlan              00 WA                      14.32m    3   
      13.57m  14.08m  14.32m                                           
 11 Brandon Kreymborg         98 NSW                     14.27m        
      14.27m  13.79m  13.93m                                           
 12 Nathaniel Mommers         98 TAS                     13.76m        
      12.97m  13.11m  13.76m                                           
 13 Calum Dean                98 VIC                     12.20m        
      ND  12.20m x                                                     
 14 Lachlan Osborne           99 ACT                     11.97m        
      11.73m  11.22m x                                                 
 15 Joseph Kilama             99 ACT                     11.75m        
      11.75m  ND  ND                                                   
 16 Ryan Dorrian              99 SA                      11.43m    2   
      11.43m  ND  11.39m                                               
 17 Shankar Hogg              98 SA                      11.02m        
      11.02m  10.18m  10.95m                                           
 -- Baillie Smallwood-Simpso  98 SA                          ND        
      ND  ND  ND