Yes you read it right, in 2016, New Balance will begin to release their shoes that have hard part of the shoe manufactured by a 3D Printer.

“So why 3D print it? With 3D printing, you can optimize structures to put as much or as little material precisely where you want it. This means new and organic geometries are possible through the bottom-up process of building layer-by-layer. Taking advantage of these benefits, New Balance has achieved an anatomical breakthrough in the full range of desired midsole characteristics, from flexibility and strength, to weight and durability.

New Balance has been making and testing functional 3D printed midsoles since 2012, but has recently made significant advancements in performance via a collaboration with 3D Systems and our SLS material, DuraForm® Flex TPU. Leveraging this new elastomeric powder and working in close collaboration with our team of material scientists, New Balance’s running experts and biomechanical engineers have developed a shoe that truly leaves others in the dust.” 3D Systems