2015 Oceania Athletics Championship Team Selected

An Australian team of 58 has today been confirmed by Athletics Australia for the 2015 Oceania Athletics Championships, to be held in Cairns (Qld) next month.

“It was fantastic to see such keen interest in competing at this event. The number of nominations we received was bigger than we expected, and this is likely because the event is back on Australian soil,” Michelle James, Australian Team Manager, said.

“Congratulations to all those selected. You should now have received official notification of this via email, and I look forward to seeing you all next month for what will be a great few days of athletics competition.”

The Oceania Area Championships are hosted annually by the Oceania Athletics Association. It is the sixth time that the event has been held in Australia, with Cairns most recently playing host in 2012.

On behalf of Athletics Australia, we wish the Australian team for the Oceania Area Championships every success and we look forward to celebrating your achievements once competition commences.

Oceania Area Championships
Cairns (Qld)
8-10 May 2015

100m: Benjamin Hayward, Michael Konomanyi, Brandon Herrigan (U18), Johnathon Taylor (U18)
200m: Tommy Connolly, Benjamin Hayward, Alexander Moore, Brandon Herrigan (U18), Johnathon Taylor (U18)
400m: Jayden Barnaby, Dylan Stenson, Ben Mackay (U18)
800m: Sam Russell, Dylan Stenson
1500m: Sam Russell
3000m: Joshua Torley (U18)
5000m: Joshua Torley
110m hurdles: Jack Conway, Matthew Harcourt (U18), Brandon Herrigan (U18), Jarrod Twigg (U18)
400m hurdles: Matthew Crowe, Alexander Schaffer, Matthew Harcourt (U18), Ben Mackay (U18), Sam Richardson (U18)
Pole vault: Angus Armstrong, Jack Stolarski (U18)
High jump: Jason Strano
Long jump: Tim McGuire, Nick van Gelder
Triple jump: Jack Stolarski (U18)
Shot put: Nathaniel Mommers (U18)
Discus throw: Jack Bannister (U18), Nathaniel Mommers (U18)
Hammer throw: Jack Bannister (U18), Nathaniel Mommers (U18)
Octachlon: Lachlan Calvert, Matthew Hosie (U18)
Decathlon: Kyle Cranston

100m: Kiara Chambers, Lauren O’Sullivan, Christine Wearne, Katie Colebourne (U18), Samantha Johnson (U18), Amy Tolcon (U18)
200m: Kiara Chambers, Kayla Montagner, Hayley Heel (U18), Amy Tolcon (U18)
400m: Sarah Buchanan, Beth Van Der Waal, Caroline Higham (U18), Hannah Schlect (U18)
800m: Holly Campbell, Olivia Cason, Maudie Skyring, Abby D’Sylva (U18), Maxine Paholek (U18)
1500m: Abby D’Sylva (U18), Maxine Paholek (U18)
100m hurdles: Tess Nelson, Emily Bass (U18), Karina Brown (U18), Samantha Johnson (U18)
400m hurdles: Sarah Buchanan, Lauren McAdam, Emily Bass (U18), Nicola Bowtell (U18)
2000m steeplechase: Abby D’Sylva (U18), Maxine Paholek (U18)
3000m steeplechase: Coreena Cleland, Montana MacFarlane,
5000m walk: Jayde Hill, Tahlia Hunt (U18)
10,000m walk: Jayde Hill
High jump: Ashleigh Reid, Karina Brown (U18), Emma Meyer (U18)
Triple jump: Mikaela Bretz (U18)
Hammer throw: Emma Keleher (U18), Emily Rotunno (U18)

For more information on the Oceania Athletics Championships, please follow this link to the Oceania Athletics Association website.

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