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Athletes Exclusive with Brooke Stratton

Lachlan – We’ll start easy, how did you get involved in athletics?

Brooke Stratton I got involved in athletics after my brother had started with the Nunawading Athletics Club back in under 6. He would go along each week and really enjoy himself, so i really wanted to give it ago when i became old enough. I have loved it ever since.


Lachlan – What does a weekly program look like for you?

Brooke Stratton –

Monday Gym

Jumps / Speed Session

Wednesday Gym

Jumps Session



Saturday Hill sprints/speed session or Comp
Sunday Stairs / Plyometrics

Lachlan – What advice would you give to someone who is looking to start to dedicate more time to athletics?

Brooke Stratton – I think some really important advice for someone who is looking to dedicate more time to athletics is to keep a balance in your life. You need distractions, whether it is being at school/uni, working part time etc.

Lachlan – For jumping, can you explain how much work you do on the track compared to off the track?

Brooke Stratton – At the moment, the majority of my training is done on the track. Jumps sessions, speed sessions and plyometrics are very important for a long jumper. I do spend a bit of time off the track in the gym twice a week at the VIS.

Lachlan – I read an article not too long ago about changes to your diet. Can you go over what you have changed and what the impact has been?

Brooke Stratton – Just over 4 months ago, i was diagnosed with Coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system reacts abnormally to gluten.  Gluten is found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. Whenever gluten is consumed in a Coeliac, it causes damage to the small intestine. Before a competition, i would generally have eaten cereal for breakfast, bread for lunch, and pasta for dinner. Little did i know, these foods were actually de-fueling me, not fueling me for my competitions.  Since completely cutting out gluten from my diet, my overall health has improved immensely, and my training sessions have become of a much better quality. I still have my on and off days but i am not feeling half as flat and fatigued as i previously have been.

Lachlan – What goals do you have for the coming Track and Field season?

Brooke Stratton – After having a rough past two seasons battling this sickness i could quite put my finger on, i am hoping the 2013/14 season is a breakthrough season for me. My two main goals are to jump a PB as well as qualify for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

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Lachlan Rayner
Lachlan is the Founder of Athletics Exclusive. His athletic background is basically made up of distance running, who competes in a range of events, varying from the 400m up to 3000m.

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