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Athletes Exclusive with Katrina Hunt

Katrina Hunt is our 18th Athlete to speak to us about making the 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships Team. Members of the Spark Team will compete in Eugene (USA), from July 22nd to 27th 2014.


How did you get involved in Athletics?

I started off like lots of athletes in Little athletics (northern suburbs). Other than hating all races over 200m and trying everything in my power to get out of running them; the atmosphere was always encouraging and just great fun, and the people were great so I just kept going back until U15.


When you first heard that you made the team, what was your initial reaction?

I was actually at school when I got the call, and it cried afterwards! It was such a relief because I had been waiting so long and had been so stressed!


Are you doing anything differently in preparation for this competition?

No actually my coach and I are trying to replicate what we did before I got my first WJQ in November, just to keep it similar and we know that it worked!


What are you most looking forward to about the trip to Eugene (USA)?

The people on the team are great fun so I’m sure we’ll have a great trip! The weather will be great for running and training, so I’m looking forward to running my best (and getting a tan ;D)


Who has been your biggest inspiration in this sport?

Sally Pearson, I know that’s the same for a lot of people, but for an Australian woman to be up there with the rest of the world in such a competitive event like hurdles just shows that hard work really can get you anywhere.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become a professional Athlete?
Consistency is key. Even if you have a bad training one day, go back the next day because it all counts.
Don’t limit yourself with your mind!

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