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Athletes Exclusive with Samantha Lind

Samantha Lind is our 40th Athlete to speak to us about making the 2014 IAAF World Junior Championships Team. Members of the Spark Team will compete in Eugene (USA), from July 22nd to 27th 2014.


How did you get involved in Athletics?

I got involved with athletics ( my first season) after a coach contacted me via school suggesting that I further my talent and come train with him. This is after he watched my performance at an interschool athletics carnival. And so I started training with him once a week. But the more I did it, the more I loved it! And so training increased to 3 times a week. Before this, I had been in contact with athletics mainly through school. I did half a season with little athletics around 2009, and a couple of other developing/ training days.


When you first heard that you made the team, what was your initial reaction?

My reaction was excitement! I called and told family members as well as coaches!


Are you doing anything differently in preparation for this competition?

Yes!! Training is harder, times are faster with shorter recoveries. Training more regularly. Eating and drinking healthier: less junkfood, no fast food, drink only water. We also have to update in an app, how we feel everyday, our sleep, and what training we did.


What are you most looking forward to about the trip to Eugene (USA)?

I am most looking forward to just being overseas and hanging out With like minded people! Also getting g to watch the best of the best of people my age!


Who has been your biggest inspiration in this sport?

I don’t have one person who solely inspires me… But I get really inspired when I hear about or watch people who run against all odds, like when people call over and finish the race, etc.


What advice would you give to someone who is looking to become a professional Athlete?

If you want to be a professional athlete, firstly you have to LOVE the sport!!! You gotta think long term, be dedicated and persistent, keeping in mind that not every race is your best!
Take on advice where you can, be prepared for hard work and sacrifice, and finally makes sure you are supported by family, friends and a good coach 🙂

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Lachlan Rayner
Lachlan is the Founder of Athletics Exclusive. His athletic background is basically made up of distance running, who competes in a range of events, varying from the 400m up to 3000m.

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