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Warren Breaks National Javelin Record

Conor Warren has broken the National Javelin Record with a furthest throw of 77.80m. He has broken Joshua Robinson‘s National Record from 2002 with stood at 77.78m. Jack Stanton finished in second position with a throw of 62.98m and Brandon Stanaway finished in third place.

Event 126  Boys Javelin Throw Under 18
    National: N 77.78m  2002        Joshua Robinson, QLD               
        Meet: M 76.23m  2007        Hamish Peacock, TAS                
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Conor Warren              98 QLD                     77.80mN   8   
      67.88m  77.80m  PASS  PASS                                       
  2 Jack Stanton              98 WA                      62.98m    7   
      47.63m  62.98m  ND  ND                                           
  3 Brandon Stanaway          99 QLD                     62.62m        
      ND  57.86m  62.62m  ND                                           
  4 Hayden Perry              99 NSW                     54.47m    6   
      43.27m  53.08m  52.20m  54.47m                                   
  5 Calum Dean                98 VIC                     53.29m    5   
      51.38m  ND  53.29m  ND                                           
  6 Kolya Cook                98 ACT                     52.90m    4   
      52.90m  51.97m  38.89m  41.97m                                   
  7 Matthew Kuo               98 NSW                     52.22m        
      ND  44.33m  52.22m  50.75m                                       
  8 Shankar Hogg              98 SA                      49.92m    3   
      48.98m  49.92m  42.47m  ND                                       
  9 Nicholas Ashmore          99 ACT                     48.19m        
      ND  48.19m  46.98m                                               
 10 Matt Hosie                98 TAS                     47.27m    2   
      45.23m  47.27m  ND                                               
 11 Samuel McDonald           99 VIC                     47.07m        
      43.62m  47.07m  ND                                               
 12 Lawrence Vernon           98 NSW                     45.75m        
      42.04m  45.75m  ND                                               
 13 Cameron James             99 SA                      34.88m        
      34.88m  ND  ND                                                   
 14 Thomas Alley              99 ACT                     31.98m        
      31.98m  28.62m  ND

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