Team Australia for the upcoming Nitro Athletics will be announced at 10am today. Who do you think will make the final cut?

MEN (21):
Angus Armstrong
(NSW, jumps), Rohan Browning (NSW, sprints), Cedric Dubler (Qld, sprints, hurdles, jumps), Henry Frayne (Qld, jumps), Tom Gamble (Qld, sprints), Ryan Gregson (Vic, middle distance), Jordan Gusman (ACT, middle distance), Jack Hale (Tas, sprints, jumps), Alex Hartmann (Qld, sprints), Nicholas Hough (NSW, sprints, hurdles), Fabrice Lapierre (NSW, jumps), Kurtis Marschall (SA, jumps), Luke Mathews(Vic, middle distance), Ben Offereins (ACT, sprints), Hamish Peacock (Tas, throws), Scott Reardon (ACT, para-athletics), Jeff Riseley (Vic, middle distance), Brett Robinson (Vic, middle distance), Luke Stevens (Vic, sprints), Aaron Stubbs (Qld, sprints), Jordan Williamsz (Vic, middle distance)

WOMEN (21):

Naa Anang (Qld, jumps, sprints), Zoe Buckman (Vic, middle distance), Raph Corney (Tas, pole vault), Riley Day (Qld, sprints) Linden Hall (Vic, middle distance), Michelle Jenneke (NSW, sprints, hurdles), Genevieve LaCaze (Vic, middle distance), Morgan Mitchell (Vic, sprints), Kathryn Mitchell (Vic, throws), Ella Nelson (NSW, sprints), Ella Pardy (WA, para-athletics), Liz Parnov (WA, jumps), Jessica Peris (NT, sprints), Kelsey-Lee Roberts (ACT, throws), Anneliese Rubie (NSW, sprints), Heidi See (NSW, middle distance), Brooke Stratton (Vic, jumps), Abbie Taddeo (NSW, sprints, hurdles), Christine Wearne (NSW, sprints), Eloise Wellings (NSW, middle distance), Ash Whittaker (Vic, sprints)