Due to a recent issue with one of our shared Instagram photos, we’ve decided to update the way in which we share images on our Instagram account.

When re-sharing an image on Athletics Exclusive’s Instagram account, we have always given credit to the person (Photo by: @) who uploaded that photo and tagged it with the #athsexclusive hashtag.

We will now be updating this to including –

  1. A tag of the person who uploaded the photo using the #athsexclusive hashtag.
  2. The person who took the photo, where readily available.

Where readily available means that we won’t go searching for who has taken the photo. However, if it is tagged in the photo that we are sharing, we are happy to give credit to both parties.

When sharing photos on our Instagram account, we have always tried to give credit to who we have taken the image from. In most instances, the user has used the #athsexclusive tag, but if they don’t, we then contact them to make sure we are allowed to share the photo.

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