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Kathryn Brooks Throws World Junior Qualifier

Box Hill Athletics Club athlete Kathryn Brooks, has thrown a World Junior Qualifier in the Under 20 Women’s Javelin throw this afternoon.

She threw her furthest distance in her second attempt, where the Javelin traveled 51.06m. This was the only attempt that crossed the 50m mark, however it is all she needed to get the 49.50m World Junior Qualifying mark.

Congratulations Kathryn! Full results can be found below.

Kathryn Brooks

Event 143  Women Javelin Throw Under 20
  Vic Record: V 56.01m  15/07/2004  Annabel Thomson
, Sth Bendigo
 World Jnr Q: W 49.50m                                                 
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Points
  1 Brooks, Kathryn           97 Box Hill Athleti        51.06mW       
      47.53m  51.06m  49.71m  47.25m  47.82m  FOUL                     
  2 Butler, Emma              99 Diamond Valley A        43.13m        
      38.38m  38.87m  43.13m  FOUL  36.03m  41.85m                     
  3 Benifer, Amy              97 Ringwood Athleti        33.67m        
      29.06m  30.20m  FOUL  33.67m  29.12m  33.43m                     
  4 Warry, Sharna             97 South Coast Athl        32.43m        
      28.11m  28.73m  30.51m  30.20m  31.46m  32.43m                   
  5 Castles, Chloe            97 Athletics Essendon      31.01m        
      27.13m  27.63m  29.63m  31.01m  FOUL  27.19m                     
  6 Serle, Caitlin            98 Athletics Chilwell      29.49m        
      26.19m  29.49m  24.38m  28.26m  23.56m  28.22m                   
  7 Woods, Madeline           97 Sandringham Athl        27.98m        
      27.02m  27.98m  FOUL  FOUL  27.20m  26.78m                       
  8 Brauer, Amy               97 Bellarine Athlet        20.18m        
      17.53m  20.18m  15.88m  18.92m  18.40m  15.51m

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