IAAF Taskforce Concludes its First Visit to Russia


The IAAF Taskforce has concluded its second day of meetings in Moscow with their counterparts from the Interim Coordination Committee (ICC) of the Olympic Committee of Russia on Tuesday (12).

The meeting discussed the arrangements that are being put in place for the speedy resolution of pending doping cases, the thorough investigation of matters raised in the WADA Independent Commission’s report, the collection of ‘whereabouts’ information from and the rigorous testing of Russian track and field athletes pending WADA’s reinstatement of RUSADA, as well as education and other measures to embed a new culture of zero tolerance for doping in Russian athletics.

IAAF Taskforce independent chairperson Rune Andersen said: “We have today continued our frank and open discussions with representatives of ARAF and the Interim Coordination Commission, led by Mr Gennady Aleshin. The Taskforce has emphasised the need to demonstrate a recognition of current problems and a determination to effect real and lasting change in Russian athletics, and that has been recognised by Mr Aleshin and his colleagues.”

ICC chairperson Mr Aleshin said: “We are glad to have had the opportunity to meet with the IAAF Taskforce for constructive and professional discussions. We are committed to working with Rune Andersen and his colleagues moving forward to meet all IAAF requirements.”

The ICC is coordinating Russia’s cooperation with the IAAF Taskforce, and supervising the inspection and verification process for the re-entry of Russian Athletics into the IAAF family of nations following the full suspension of ARAF (the Russian athletics federation) on 26 November.

The IAAF Taskforce will only recommend reinstatement of Russian Athletics to IAAF membership if, and when, it is satisfied that the Reinstatement Conditions set out by the IAAF on 11 Decemberhave been met, and will continue to be met moving forward.


ARAF elections take place this coming weekend (16 January). Within the next month, following these elections, members of the IAAF Taskforce will return to Moscow for their next meeting with the Interim Coordination Commission.

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