The Glasgow 2014 Campaign Review

Athletics Australia has today published a report detailing the findings of ‘The Glasgow 2014 Campaign Review’, led by independent chair Chris Wardlaw.


Commissioned by the Athletics Australia Board of Directors at the close of the 2014 Commonwealth Games, the purpose of the review was to assess Athletics Australia’s performance against the terms of reference (available here) and to recommend on future team preparation, governance structure, organisational culture and risk mitigation.


Athletics Australia President David Grace QC welcomed the report and advised that its recommendations will be considered by the Board of Directors alongside those to be published in the Buchanan Review, commissioned by the Australian Sports Commission.


“I thank Chris and his fellow members of the review panel for their work in creating this report into the campaign of the athletics section of the Commonwealth Games Team. It has been a far-reaching undertaking that is greatly appreciated by myself, other Directors and the wider athletics community,” Grace said.


“The Board of Directors will make it a short-term priority to improve engagement and communication between us at Athletics Australia and our many important stakeholders, including athletes and coaches. Any findings and recommendations that are longer term in nature, however, will need to be considered alongside those still to be published in the Buchanan Review, as is appropriate. Together the combined recommendations of both reports will provide an important foundation and blueprint for strong decision making on the direction and focus of Athletics Australia for the foreseeable future.”


Wardlaw, who was assisted in the development of the report by review panel members Anne Lord, Peter Bromley and Jan Swinhoe, thanked the athletics community for their contribution.


“The review process has been extensive, with members of the review panel consulting a wide range of track and field stakeholders to establish this report as the end result. This was managed through face-to-face and phone interviews, specific online surveys directed to athletes, personal coaches team staff and member associations and direct written submissions, both by invitation and independently,” Wardlaw said.


“I am sure that the Athletics Australia Board of Directors will consider the recommendations of the report and utilise our findings in developing a framework for structures and processes moving forward.”


‘The Glasgow 2014 Campaign Review’ has been published in full and is available for download by clicking here.


The Buchanan Review, commissioned by the Australian Sports Commission, is expected to be published in early 2015.

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