Genevieve LaCaze and Kelly Hetherington go head-to-head in tomorrow nights 1500m at the Steigen Spectacular in Victoria. Both women have personal best times in the 1500m of 4:10 so it is tipped to go right down to the very end.

GenevieveĀ is coming off a strong performance in the 5km Noosa Road Race, where as Kelly’s strong 1500m peformance of 4:16 was done in July this year.

Who’s your tip?

Women’s 1500m Start ListĀ 

  1. Genevieve LaCaze (4.10)
  2. Kelly Hetherington (4.10)
  3. Coreena Cleland (4.19)
  4. Ellen Schaef (4.31)
  5. Heidi Demeo (4.33)
  6. Sarah Waters (4.41)
  7. Natasha Typuszak (4.43)
  8. Olivia Hobbs (4.44)
  9. Klara Dess (4.44)
  10. Morgan Costelloe (4.52)
  11. Natalya Hall-Dekleva (4.38)
  12. Maddison Caulfield (4.27)


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